University of Nairobi to scrap 40 courses under Magoha directives

The University of Nairobi (UoN) is set to do away with 40 courses in the new reforms as directed by the Ministry of Education through CS Professor George Magoha.

Some of the courses set to be dropped by the university as said not to have received any single student for the last 5 years.

The courses scrapped run through PhD programs, Masters programs, Bachelors, Diplomas and Certificates.

PhD in Agriculture will no longer be available at the University of Nairobi. Others to be axed include BSc in Industrial Mathematics, PhD in Applied Statistics and PhD in Mathematics.

UoN will also not be offering BSc in Microbiology, BSc in Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources.

The institution is yet to make the announcement public but sources indicate MSc in Agriculture Entomology, PhD in Applied Microbiology, MSc in Medical and Veterinary Entomology, PhD in Plant Ecology, PhD in Terrestrial Plant Ecology and PhD in Aquatic Plant Ecology will be dropped.

In the School of Physical Sciences, the university is set to do away with a total of 17 courses.

Those who were planning to take BSc in Chemistry, Bachelor of Science, BSc in Environmental Geoscience and Postgraduate Diploma in Environment and Natural Disaster Management have no luck. The courses will be scrapped.

Other courses to be scrapped include:

  1. BSc in Microprocessor Technology and instrumentation
  2. BSc in Astronomy and Astrophysics,
  3. Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science
  4. PhD in Environmental Chemistry
  5. Masters in Science in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
  6. Masters of Science in Pure Chemistry,
  7. Masters of Science in Inorganic Chemistry
  8. Masters of Science in Organic Chemistry
  9. BSc in Environmental Chemistry code 143 and 143m3
  10. Diploma in Cultural Studies
  11. Diploma is Heritage Management
  12. Diploma in Gender and Development Studies
  13. Diploma in Water Resources Management
  14. Diploma in Strategic and Security Studies
  15. Post graduate Diploma in Labour Relations
  16. Post graduate Diploma in Armed Conflict
  17. Post graduate Diploma in Advance Disaster
  18. Post graduate Diploma in Security Studies



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