Knut Softens Stance on new curriculum

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) on Wednesday softened its stance on the competency-based curriculum, indicating that, after months of hardline posturing, it is willing to negotiate with the government on an amicable way forward.

Although Knut’s National Advisory Council (NAC) maintained its earlier position that the Ministry of Education did not follow the right procedure when launching the new curriculum and that teachers have not been trained on the system, it left room for talks with the government on the national rollout of the system.

The talks will be the second attempt to resolve the impasse over the new system, which is being implemented from pre-school to Grade 3. A similar meeting in March this year failed.

The first meeting was of the National Executive Council, which consists of 41 members, while the second was attended by the NAC.

“We have been notified of the government’s intention and willingness to engage with us on the new curriculum,” said secretary-general Wilson Sossion.

“We wish to state that, as a union, we never opposed curriculum reforms and review, but the right things must be done.



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