Kerwa Secondary School in Sigona,Kikuyu Closed Indefinitely Over Mass Hysteria

Kerwa Secondary school in Kikuyu has been closed indefinitely over mass hysteria among the students.

Activities came to a standstill after eight form two girls claimed that they felt demons sucking out their blood which made the rest of the students scared and restless.

“We were shocked since some of the students claimed to have been attacked by evil spirits and they immediately started collapsing. We started screaming and ran to the field as the teachers tried to contain the situation,” one student divulged.

Surprisingly the neighbors who came to the aide of the students after hearing the screams also became hysterical with most of them trying to wad off the evil spirits that had attacked the students.

The principal reported the incident at the Kikuyu Education director who closed the school. A parents meeting was slated for Thursday to allow them to get to the bottom of the matter.

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