Teachers gives Government 21days ultimatum to implement CBA

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Teachers have issued a 21-day ultimatum to the government to implement their 54 billion CBA.

Knut secretary general Wilson Sossion said failure to do so will result in "the worst strike ever witnessed in the recent past".

"If they do not release the CBA in three weeks, we are not going to use sugar coated words any more but we will declare our stand over the government," he said on Saturday.

"We signed the CBA and implementation schedule for every teacher, which should have been released by February this year. But up to now nothing has been done by the TSC.

"We have seen the schedule and are not satisfied with it. We demand the CBA be implemented in totality before the August polls."

He said the Sh13 billion earmarked for laptops for primary schools should be diverted towards employment of additional teachers.

He said even Sh8 billion is enough to hire more than 40,000 teachers to curb shortage.

Sossion also laughed off plans by both Jubilee and NASA to offer free secondary education yet the government is struggling to pay teachers currently.

"We have heard of late Jubilee and NASA talking of providing free secondary education starting January next year but right now the Jubilee administration is struggling even to provide capitation money to schools.

"This is laughable because the national government is finding it hard to pay Sh12,000 per student in Secondary School per year as per now,” Sossion said.

He said as the parties campaign, they should include stakeholders in their pledges.

"Without involving Knut, the Teachers Service Commission ... the government and opposition are treading on dangerous grounds," he said.

Sossion asked Jubilee and NASA to stop turning the issue into a political gimmick that is only aimed at capturing leadership positions.

"We are appealing to Kenyans to ignore such empty rhetoric," he added.

The Knut boss said politicians should first talk about the shortage of teachers and classrooms, as well as how to ensure there is enough money for tuition and feeding the learners.

He said so far, the government has released Sh1,000 for each secondary school student out of Sh5,000 that should already have been disbursed to schools.

Sossion said school managers cannot run schools due to debts as a result of government failure to provide capitation in time.

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