Hesbon Otieno Replaces Wilson Sossion As KNUT Secretary General

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Nominated member of parliament Wilson Sossion has been suspended as the secretary general of the Kenya National union of teachers.

He has been replaced by Hesbon Otieno . the decision was made after  the national executive committee voted in favor of his suspension. 22 members of the NEC voted against Wilson Sossion.

The immediate former secretary general was adamant about exiting the seat after his nomination stating that his first obligation was to serve teachers as a union leader.

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In March a group of teachers from the mount Kenya region had held demonstrations at the KNUT head quarters demanding that he exits the office.

There have been constant wrangles in the union with members of the NEC going against each other.

He has however disputed the suspension insisting that he haw duly elected as the secretary general and therefore will not vacate the office.